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Funeral Slideshow Maker: How do I make a slideshow for a funeral?

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Sorry for your loss! You have lost a loved one. Someone special who deserves an unforgettable funeral. This is the time to honor your loved one. You can share your memories of him or her with words, but sometimes this is simply not enough. You want to use photos and video to honour your loved. But, there’s one problem. You don’t know how to show them to the attendees.

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Do you opt for a USB stick? Keep in mind that these are sometimes not compatible with other devices. They also have the disadvantage that they have limited memory storage.

Funeral Slideshows

During a funeral you want no hassle, no inconveniences and no mistakes. It is important to effortlessly process the loss. For everyone! The funeral should be entirely devoted to the person who has passed away, not to a slideshow that does not function (properly). And, your loved one deserves the best, honorable funeral.

Funeral grave
Rest in peace, my love!

PhotoMeister helps you with this! This slideshow app ensures that your precious memories are displayed smoothly with the right music. You are in control! No hassle with USBs, no unsafe HDMI cables or other clumsiness. This app will flawlessly play your photos & videos on any Smart TV. Totally wireless of course! Add beautiful, emotional songs that are also suitable for funerals. Or, play the slideshow without music. It’s all possible with PhotoMeister! 

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Ideal, right?
Easily create an impressive slideshow with your photos and videos in advance. Set the playback time per photo yourself. And choose a music track that you think fits your loved one perfectly. In this way you ensure an unforgettable, honourable funeral that your loved one deserves.

Memorial Slideshow Maker
William was a very knowledgeable man.

5 Reasons Why A Funeral Slideshow Is A Great Tribute Tool

1 | A picture is worth 1000 words

Memories and special moments are better captured with photos. Memories and special moments are better captured with photos. Especially for those who weren’t there. By showing a photo that goes with it, others can better imagine what you mean. It gets more emotional.

Photos are a good way to show what someone loved. Or what someone often did. Sports for example.

old man
Paul was the oldest person to finish this marathon.

2 | Someone is worth more than words

Words can touch. Sometimes it is simply not enough to express something. You want to say something about what the deceased stood for. What he/she was proud of. A funeral slideshow helps with this. Think, for example, of milestones that the deceased has achieved: a diploma, a promotion, a sports achievement, the purchase of his/her first house, making someone else better, to serve the country, etcetera.

A proud moment when he received his diploma.

3 | Show videos of the deceased

With PhotoMeister you can show photos and videos to the attendees. They will be displayed together in a beautiful, automatic slideshow. With PhotoMeister you can show photos and videos to the attendees. They will be displayed together in a beautiful, automatic slideshow. The advantage of alternating photos and videos is that you keep it lively.

Memorial Photo

4 | Easily include music and make it more emotional

PhotoMeister has dozens of wonderful music tracks. Also songs that fit perfectly with a funeral. In this way almost all senses will be stimulated.

5 | Share the slideshow and light up their legacy

Even after the funeral, all those who were present (and absent) can still use the funeral slideshow for their grieving process. Isn’t it a wonderful idea that your loved one lives on with others thanks to your slideshow?

woman reading
Every day she sat in the park to read.

PhotoMeister has a share function where you can easily and quickly send the slideshow. No hassle with e-mail addresses or websites with temporary availability. Forward the funeral slideshow via WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook or other social media channels.

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How To Make A Honourable Funeral Slideshow?

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Step 1 | Create An Album & Add Images

It is best to make a separate folder for your loved one. then add all the footage to it. This way you make it clear for yourself and you prevent that unexpected photos are included that do not belong there. You do this as follows:

  • Take your iPhone or iPad.
  • Go to photos.
  • Click on albums and tap the + sign.
  • Create new album.
  • Give it the name of the loved one you have lost.
  • Go to this album and tap the + sign.
  • Add pictures

Free tip: Ask friends, family, acquaintances and colleagues in advance to send you photos of the deceased. For example via WhatsApp. Then save these pictures in the album you created.

Step 2 | Download Funeral Slideshow App

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Now PhotoMeister isn’t just a funeral slideshow app. It is also ideal for holiday photos, weddings, anniversaries, etcetera. So don’t worry! After the funeral, when you’re ready for it, you can also enjoy other precious memories in great slideshows.

PhotoMeister Welcome

Step 3 | Connect your iPhone or iPad to a Smart TV

To properly display your memories to everyone, it is necessary to connect your phone or tablet to a smart TV. That way everyone can see the slideshow. Connecting is super easy because it is done wirelessly and in less than 5 seconds. You just need WiFi.

  • Open the app.
  • Search for TVs + select your TV.

PhotoMeister will now be shown on your television.

Step 4 | Make a Slideshow

  • Hit the + button.
  • Press the multi-photo image top right.
  • Click “Album”.
  • Select the album you (just) created for the deceased.
  • Hit the + sign.
  • Select all the photos you’d like to have in the slideshow.
  • Click settings.
  • Tap music and scroll down to category ‘Sad’.
  • Select a song and upgrade. A subscription offers all tracks, removes watermark, sharing and 24/7 customer support.
  • Go back to settings & customise the slide duration.
  • Leave settings and press play.
  • Now it shown on the big screen.
  • Don’t forget to SAVE your slideshow.


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Best choice for photo lovers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long should a slideshow be for a funeral?

This depends on how on how you’re going to use the funeral slideshow. On average, people talk at 150 words per minute. Suppose you have written a 1500 word speech, it will take 10 minutes. Your funeral slideshow should therefore last 10 minutes.

speech funeral

Fortunately, you can set the display time per photo yourself. Suppose you have 40 photos that you want to show. Then 1 photo must be shown for 15 seconds.

Do you want to have 1 slideshow play continuously in the background? Then choose the maximum length. A playback time that fills the entire funeral. It is then advisable to use as many photos as possible. For example about 200.


With PhotoMeister it is possible to put the slideshow on repeat. If you choose a playback time of 10 seconds per photo, the funeral slideshow will last 33 minutes.

What do you put in a memorial slideshow?

Highlights from a person’s life, interests of the deceased, anecdotes, quotes, hobbies, work, promotions, graduations and other milestones. A funeral slideshow often shows what someone stood for, or what characterised him/her.

My father served his country for 35 years, which I am extremely proud of.

For example: Your loved one was a very helpful person. Every day he/she helped others while working in a hospital. Or, he served his country for 35 years.

How do you make a funeral tribute video?

By using the PhotoMeister slideshow app!

funeral tribute video

With this you can not only show photos. The app also makes it possible to show beautiful videos displayed in a slideshow. It works the same way as creating a photo slideshow, but now you have to select videos.

What do you write at the end of a funeral slideshow?

Close the funeral slideshow with a beautiful photo of the deceased. Add the name, year of birth and year of death. Optionally, choose to add a statement that he or she often said. Or, pick something you want to say. For example: ‘We’ll miss you always’.

funeral slideshow maker
Amanda was a positive woman who got the most out of life.

How do you make a funeral slideshow with music for free?

By using PhotoMeister’s slideshow maker app! The free version includes two music tracks. You could use these songs if you want to have a happy funeral. Perhaps the deceased wanted it that way. Would you rather have a slideshow with sad music? Then take a subscription for a few dollars/euros. You can then choose from dozens of songs, including beautiful sad songs. These make the funeral even more special.

Good to know: After the funeral you can also use PhotoMeister to create slideshows for holidays, anniversaries, city trips, weddings and other occasions. With different songs of course. Choose from different music categories, such as: Happy, Party, Romantic, Sad & Upbeat. Enough to choose from! And this way you make every occasion lively and special again!

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